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Bafang motors are a great way to convert your existing bike into an electric bike.

Bafang ebike conversion kit comes with everything you need to get started, including a motor, battery, controller, and display.

It’s easy to install, so you can be up and riding in no time.


bafang mid drive kit

These Bafang motors are characterised by their power and quiet operation. The Bafang mid drive motor operates directly on the crankshaft to provide the most torque. This Bafang motor kit offers the best possible efficiency. This series is ideal for riding in hilly terrain or for bikes designed to carry heavy loads (cargo bikes).

BBS01B 36V 250W

bafang bbs01 ebike conversion kit

Powerful, cost-effective, easy to maintain and install mid drive kit. With a power rating of 250W and a maximum torque of 80Nm provides welcome support for your ride. This ebike conversion kit is compatible with frames with a crank width of 68 mm.

BBS02B 48V 750W

bafang bbs02 ebike conversion kit

Light, strong and efficient, this intermediate Bafang mid drive kit system with a rated power of 750W and a maximum torque of 100Nm offers ideal support for all types of bikes. This ebike conversion kit with frames with a crank width of 68-73 / 100 mm.

BBSHD 48/52V 1000W

bafang bbshd ebike conversion kit

Powerful and quiet, this 1000W Bafang motor, the most powerful in the range, offers a satisfying flow whether climbing or descending. Its maximum assistance of 120 Nm mitigates the effects of any climb and puts a smile on the face of any cyclist.


bafang rear hub motor kit

Bafang hub motors are extremely efficient and disc brake compatible. They are integrated into the hub of the rear wheel. Bafang rear hub motor kits are powerful and durable drive systems to help cyclists on long rides. They offer up to 60Nm and 500W of minimum power. The rear hub motor kits are very cost effective in terms of battery consumption and offer a long range.


bafang rear hub motor 250w

An integrated rear hub motor, a dual speed system and computer controlled speed sensors are what make the Bafang motor so innovative. The rear hub motor automatically adjusts its gear ratio by sensing the speed of your running bike. With 250W of power and 32Nm of torque, it can easily provide good performance for everyday cycling.


bafang rear hub motor 500w

The Bafang rear hub motor is integrated into the automatic dual speed system. The Bafang motor automatically adjusts the gear ratio by detecting the speed of the bike during the ride. Although the power of 500W complies with legal requirements, with a torque of 60Nm, it can easily provide good performance for daily and recreational cycling.


bafang front hub motor kit

The Bafang front hub motor kit is extremely light and perfectly suited to modern urban bicycles. With their 250W power output, they offer harmonious assistance and support the cyclist perfectly for everyday city riding. They are also very easy to install, making them ideal for those who want to upgrade their existing bicycle.


bafang front hub motor

The Bafang Front Hub Kit is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to turn their bike into a high-powered electric bike. It includes all the necessary parts and components, such as the lightweight and quiet 500W high performance motor with 60Nm of torque. The installation process is quick and easy, so you'll be riding in no time. With this ebike conversion kit, you will enjoy increased speed and power, making your ride more enjoyable than ever.


bafang display

Bafang displays are the perfect way to bring you all of the key information at a glance. They're smart, ergonomic, and sophisticated with cutting-edge technology that is intuitive and easy-to-use. The exceptional connectivity ensures that your Bafang display will stay connected no matter where your ride takes you.


bafang ebike battery

Years of expertise meet cutting-edge tech in Bafang's lightweight, long-lasting batteries specifically designed for your e-bike conversion kit. Easy to charge and built to endure, there's a perfect Bafang battery for any e-bike on the market. Find your ideal power source and conquer your commute – effortlessly!


bafang components for ebike kit

Bafang isn't just about motors - they offer a complete e-bike ecosystem. Ultra-responsive torque sensors and robust cables ensure smooth power delivery and reliable performance. Every Bafang component is meticulously designed to work together, creating a harmonious and efficient electric drivetrain for an effortless, exhilarating ride.

Brake Lever

bafang brake lever ebike conversion kit

Bafang brake levers integrate seamlessly with your e-bike's motor, providing powerful and responsive braking for complete control on any ride. With Bafang brake levers, you can ride with confidence, knowing you can stop safely and securely whenever needed.

Chainwheel & Crankset

bafang chainwheel ebike conversion kit

Bafang chainwheels and cranksets are the foundation of your e-bike's pedaling power. Crafted from high-strength materials, they offer unmatched durability and efficient power transfer, ensuring you can conquer any terrain with confidence.

Cable & Wiring

bafang wiring cable ebike conversion kit

The silent workhorses of your e-bike. Bafang cables and wiring are built with premium materials and meticulous engineering to ensure flawless signal transmission and maximum power delivery.

Torque Sensor

bafang torque sensor ebike conversion kit

Feel the difference with Bafang's ultra-responsive torque sensors. These intelligent components seamlessly translate your pedal strokes into electric assist, creating a riding experience that's effortless, intuitive, and perfectly matched to your pedaling power.


bafang controller ebike conversion kit

The brains behind the brawn! Bafang controllers are the heart of your e-bike's electrical system. Featuring cutting-edge technology and intelligent software, they ensure optimal motor performance, smooth power delivery, and efficient battery management.

About Bafang

Bafang, a leading innovator in e-bike components, has been at the forefront of the electric cycling movement since 2003. Their reliable motors and conversion kits power countless e-bikes worldwide including Specialized, Bosch, Yamaha, and Shimano, making them a trusted name for both manufacturers and riders.

How to Choose the Best Bafang Conversion Kit

bafang mid drive e bike kit

Step 1: Power Up or Cruise Easy

Bafang motors come in a range of wattages. Higher wattages offer more power for tackling hills and longer distances, but lower wattages are perfect for casual cruising and provide a more traditional bike feel.

Casual Rider: Opt for a kit between 250W-500W for a gentle electric assist.

Hill Conqueror: Consider a 750W kit for effortless hill climbing and extended range.

Serious E-Power: Unleash the beast with a 1000W+ kit for maximum power and speed (be sure to check local e-bike regulations).

Step 2: Mid-Drive or Hub Motor

This decision significantly impacts your riding experience:

Mid-Drive: Offers a more natural riding feel, mimicking the sensation of a traditional bike with pedal assist. Ideal for those who value a balanced and responsive ride.

Hub Motor: Generally requires less maintenance and offers a simpler installation process. Perfect for riders prioritizing convenience and a smooth, steady electric assist.

Step 3: Compatibility Check

Not all kits fit all bikes! Before diving in, ensure your chosen Bafang kit is compatible with your bike's frame, wheel size, and bottom bracket type. Bafang offers resources and compatibility charts to help you navigate this step.

Step 4: Installation Prowess

Bafang kits are known for being DIY-friendly. However, assess your comfort level. If you're new to bike mechanics, consider professional installation for a seamless conversion.

Step 5: Don't Forget the Extras!

A complete e-bike conversion requires a battery and display unit in addition to the motor and controller. Bafang offers compatible batteries and displays to ensure a cohesive and functional system.

Top Features of Bafang Conversion Kits

1. Choose Your E-Power Adventure

Bafang offers a range of motor wattages, from pedal-assist friendly 250W for cruising to mountain-mauling 1000W for serious adventures. Choose the power that perfectly suits your riding style and needs.

2. Mid-Drive Magic

Bafang's legendary mid-drive kits (BBS01, BBS02, BBSHD) deliver a natural riding experience. They replace your bottom bracket, offering a smooth power delivery that feels like an extension of your own pedaling power.

3. Hub Motor Heroes (Front/Rear)

They're easier to install and require less maintenance, making them ideal for riders who want to get rolling fast.

4. Effortless Control & Built to Last

  • Intuitive torque sensors for a smooth and responsive ride.
  • High-quality materials and rigorous testing ensure long-lasting performance.

5. DIY Friendly (or Pro Installation)

Designed for user-friendliness, but professional installation is always an option.

6. Large range of compatible batteries

Find the perfect power source to match your desired range.

7. Upgrade Your Bike, Upgrade Your Ride

Experience the joy of electric cycling with a powerful and affordable Bafang conversion kit.

How to install a Bafang Motor ?

Installing a Bafang ebike conversion kit is easy and can be done in just a few steps.

Step 1: Assess Compatibility & Gather Tools

Before diving in, ensure your chosen Bafang kit is compatible with your bike's frame, wheel size, and bottom bracket type. Bafang offers resources and compatibility charts to help. You'll also need the necessary tools (wrenches, Allen keys, crank puller, etc.) based on your specific kit's installation instructions.

Step 2: Bike Prep & Motor Installation

  • Remove Crankset and Bottom Bracket: This may involve using a crank puller depending on your bike's setup.
  • Install New Bottom Bracket (if required): Bafang kits often require a new bottom bracket specifically designed for the motor.
  • Mount the Motor: Carefully install the motor into the bottom bracket area, aligning it properly and securing it with the provided hardware.

Step 3: Electrical Connections & Controls

  • Connect Motor Wires: Following the kit's instructions, carefully connect the motor wires to the controller.
  • Mount Display & Controls: Attach the display unit (showing battery level, assist mode, etc.) to your handlebars and any control buttons as specified.

Step 4: Chain & Derailleur Adjustments

  • Install Chain: With the motor mounted, install the chain onto the cassette and sprocket, ensuring proper tension and alignment with your derailleur. Fine-tune your derailleur if needed for smooth shifting.

Step 5: Battery Installation & Testing

  • Mount Battery: Secure the battery pack on your bike frame using the provided mounting hardware.
  • Perform Safety Checks: Ensure all connections are secure, brakes function properly, and there's no chain binding.

Step 6: System Check & Enjoy the Ride!

  • Power Up & Test: Turn on the system, familiarize yourself with the display and controls, and test the electric assist functionality in a safe environment.

Why You Should Consider an Electric Bike

bafang mid drive display

Electric bikes aren't just for casual riders – they're for anyone who wants to conquer hills, extend adventures, and experience cycling in a whole new way.

  • Effortless Hills & Longer Rides: Electric bikes make conquering hills and tackling distance a breeze – pure riding joy!
  • Faster Commutes: Reach your destination quicker with a helpful e-boost that gets you up to speed in a flash.
  • Go Further, Feel Fresher: Convert your regular bike and unlock extended adventures without wearing yourself out.
  • Save Money & The Planet: Ditch gas and parking fees, plus enjoy the eco-friendly benefit of zero emissions!
  • It's Simply Fun!: Experience the pure joy of effortless cycling – a game-changer for any rider!

Explore Bafang's Motor Kit Options

Yose Power electric bike conversion kit mid-drive and hub motor

There are a few different types of Bafang ebike conversion kits available, each with their own set of features and benefits. Here is a rundown of the most popular options to help you choose the best one for your needs :

Bafang Mid-Drive Kit

The Bafang mid-drive conversion kit offers motors from 250W to 1000W, handling hills and reaching speeds up to 28mph. It includes a display and controller for a complete e-bike conversion. This kit mounts the motor in the middle of the bike for balanced power and efficiency. Experience powerful rides with ease and efficiency.

Bafang Rear Hub Drive Kit

For a simple electric boost, the Bafang rear hub motor Kit is perfect. Choose between 250W or 500W motors to reach speeds up to 20mph. It’s easy to install with minimal tools required. This kit places the motor in the rear wheel hub for a straightforward and reliable assist. Enjoy a smoother, faster ride with less effort.

Bafang Front Hub Drive Kit

The Bafang front hub motor kit is ideal for those new to e-bikes. This 500W motor adds electric assist to your front wheel, reaching speeds up to 20mph. It’s easy to install, perfect for beginners. This kit installs the motor in the front wheel hub, offering a simple and approachable introduction to e-biking. Start your e-bike journey confidently and comfortably.