BAFANG BBS01B 250/300W: The Perfect Entry-Level E-Bike Conversion Kit

Ready to conquer hills with ease and leave traffic in the dust? The Bafang BBS01B 250W/350W mid-drive motor is the ultimate e-bike upgrade, breathing new life into your beloved bicycle. This lightweight, powerful motor delivers exhilarating acceleration and a natural riding experience, making every journey a breeze. Say goodbye to sweaty commutes and hello to effortless cruising. The Bafang BBS01B is your ticket to electrifying adventures.

bbs01 bafang mid drive kit

Bafang BBS01B's Key Features & Benefits

  • Smooth and Powerful: Experience a seamless blend of pedal power and electric assistance with the 250W or 350W motor, delivering an impressive 80 Nm of torque for effortless acceleration.
  • Quiet Operation: Enjoy the serenity of your surroundings with the BBS01B's whisper-quiet motor, perfect for peaceful rides in nature or urban environments.
  • Integrated Safety: The BBS01B features integrated eBrake options for both hydraulic and mechanical brakes, prioritizing your safety on every ride.
  • Easy Installation: Convert your traditional bike into an electric powerhouse with minimal effort and basic mechanical skills.
  • European Compliance (250W): The 250W model meets European e-bike regulations, allowing for legal use on public roads.

Bafang BBS01B 36V 250/350W Technical Specification

  • Model: Bafang BBS01B
  • Position:  Mid-Drive Motor
  • Power: 250W/350W
  • Voltage: 36V
  • Current Controller: 15A/18A
  • No Load Speed (RPM): 83-87
  • Load Speed (RPM): 78-83
  • Maximum Torque: 80 Nm
  • Maximum Speed: 25-32 km/h
  • Efficiency: > 80%
  • PAS Sensor: Cadence Sensor
  • Reduction Ratio: 1:21.9
  • Certification: CE/EN 14764/ROHS
  • Protection: IP65
  • Motor Weight: 3.9kg
  • Length Of Bottom Bracket: 68mm
  • Motor Operating Temperature: -20°C-45°C

Bafang BBS01B: The optimal conversion kit to electrify your first bike

bafang bbs02b 250w e bike motor

This affordable, user-friendly e-bike conversion kit with battery that packs a serious punch. This powerful mid-drive motor seamlessly integrates with your existing bike. The Bafang BBS01B is simply your gateway to effortless cycling and boundless adventures.

BBS01B 250/350W Mid-Drive Motor: Give Your Pedals Extra Power!

The Bafang BBS01B comes in two power options — a 250W model, perfect for daily commuting and leisurely rides, and a 350W version, ideal for tackling steeper hills and more demanding terrain. Both options deliver an impressive 80 Nm of torque, ensuring a smooth and responsive acceleration that makes even the toughest climbs feel effortless. The central motor's quiet operation lets you enjoy the sounds of nature or the city without the annoying whine often associated with e-bike motors.

Thanks to its mid-drive design, the BBS01B offers superior weight distribution and handling compared to hub motors, making your e-bike more balanced and maneuverable. The integrated cadence sensor and pedal assist (PAS) system work in harmony to provide a natural and intuitive riding experience, delivering power smoothly and efficiently based on your pedaling cadence.

bafang bbs01b 250w mid drive motor
bafang bbs01b 350w mid drive motor

Bonus: The BBS01B 250W model is fully compliant with European e-bike regulations, allowing you to ride legally on public roads without the need for registration or insurance. Its impressive hill-climbing ability ensures you can conquer even the steepest inclines with ease, making it perfect for both urban and rural environments.

36V Battery: Fueling Your E-Bike Adventures

The Bafang BBS01B offers flexibility when selecting your battery. It's compatible with various 36V options, typically ranging from 11.6Ah to 14.5Ah, allowing you to tailor your e-bike's range to your needs. Depending on your riding style and terrain, you can expect to achieve a range of 20 to 50 miles (32 to 80 km) on a single charge. If you already own a compatible 36V battery, you can easily integrate it with the Bafang BBS01B, saving you money.

Remember, range isn't solely determined by battery capacity. Motor efficiency, riding style, terrain, and even weather conditions can all affect how far you can travel on a single charge. For those seeking even more power and range, the BBS02B and BBSHD models, which are compatible with 48V batteries, might be a better fit.

Your E-Bike, Your Rules

One of the most compelling features of the Bafang BBS01B is its high degree of customization. With multiple chainring options, you can fine-tune your bike's gear ratios to perfectly match your riding style and the terrain you frequent. The adjustable pedal-assist levels give you complete control over the amount of electric assistance you receive, allowing you to tailor your ride to your exact preferences.

Effortless Upgrades, Maximum Performance

Unlike other e-bike conversion kits that require extensive modifications, the Bafang BBS01B is a breeze to install, even for those with minimal bike maintenance experience. Thanks to its integrated design, the motor and controller form a single, compact unit, weighing in at just 3.2 kg (250W) or 3.5 kg (350W), simplifying the installation process. Additionally, the BBS01B boasts a robust construction and high-quality components, ensuring long-lasting performance and minimal maintenance requirements.

Bafang BBS01 to BBS01B: More power, more possibilities

The Bafang BBS01, a beloved e-bike conversion kit, has undergone a significant upgrade with the introduction of the Bafang BBS01B. While both models share the same core functionality, the BBS01B boasts several key enhancements that elevate the overall performance, durability, and user experience.

  • Redesigned Controller: The BBS01B features a larger, more robust controller designed for improved performance, durability, and water resistance.
  • Enhanced Electronics: The BBS01B boasts a more advanced control system, resulting in increased efficiency and reliability compared to its predecessor.
  • Integrated PAS: The pedal assist system (PAS) in the Bafang BBS01B is built-in, offering a more seamless integration with the motor and smoother power delivery.
  • Shift Sensor Compatibility: Unlike the BBS01, the BBS01B can be equipped with a shift sensor for smoother and more efficient gear shifting.
  • Upgraded Gear Design: The BBS01B's updated nylon gears provide increased durability and reduce maintenance issues, ensuring a longer lifespan for the motor.
  • Enhanced Water Resistance: The Bafang BBS01B is better sealed against water intrusion, making it more suitable for riding in various weather conditions without compromising performance.

These refinements make the Bafang BBS01B a more refined, reliable, and user-friendly option compared to the original BBS01.

Bafang BBS01B: The Perfect E-Bike Kit For Urban Commuters and Beyond

bafang bbs01

While not designed for extreme off-roading or heavy loads, the Bafang BBS01B provides a reliable, user-friendly and powerful boost that will leave you smiling with every pedal stroke.

  • Urban Commuters: Reliable performance and smooth power delivery for navigating city streets.
  • Off-Road Explorers: Durable construction and shift sensor compatibility for tackling light trails and hills.
  • Fitness Enthusiasts: Enjoy cycling with a little extra boost for those challenging climbs or longer rides.
  • Leisure Riders: Add a touch of fun and excitement to your casual rides with electric assistance.
  • Reliability Seekers: The BBS01B's upgraded components offer improved durability and water resistance for worry-free riding.

Bafang BBS01B: The Essential Components Behind the Power

The Bafang BBS01B kit includes everything you need to electrify your bike. From the motor and controller to the display and optional accessories, this comprehensive package provides all the essential components for a seamless conversion.

  • Motor Unit (250W/350W): The heart of the kit, delivering electric power.
  • Controller: Integrated into the motor, managing power delivery.
  • Battery (Optional): 36V options available to match your range needs.
  • Battery Slide Rail: Securely mounts the battery to your frame.
  • Chainring: Converts motor power to mechanical energy.
  • Crank Arms: Connects the pedals to the motor.
  • Display (Optional): Provides essential ride information.
  • Brake Sensors: Cuts motor power when braking for safety.
  • Throttle (Optional): Offers instant power on demand.
  • Speed Sensor: Monitors bike speed for optimal performance.
  • EB-BUS Cable: Connects all components for seamless communication.

Bafang BBS01B vs. Alternative: A Head-to-Head Comparison

The Bafang BBS01B and Tongsheng TSDZ2 are both popular mid-drive e-bike conversion kits offering similar power and torque outputs, but they deliver distinct riding experiences and cater to different preferences.

Feature Bafang BBS01B Tongsheng TSDZ2
Motor Power 250W / 350W 250W / 350W
Position Mid-Drive Mid-Drive
Voltage 36V 36V / 48V
Max Torque 80 Nm 80 Nm
Max Speed 25-32 km/h (15-20 mph) 25-32 km/h (15-20 mph)
Weight 3.9 kg (8.6 lbs) 3.6 kg (7.9 lbs)
Pedal Assist Sensor Cadence Sensor Torque Sensor
Display Options Varies (e.g. C965, DPC18, 850C, DM03) Varies (e.g. VLCD5, VLCD6, XH18)
Bottom Bracket Compatibility 68-73mm 68-73mm
Price Range $250-350 $300-400
Best For Urban commuting, casual riding, light trails Urban commuting, moderate hills

The ideal motor for you depends on your priorities. If you seek a simple, affordable e-bike conversion kit with consistent power delivery, perfect for commuting or leisurely rides, the Bafang BBS01B with its cadence sensor is an excellent starting point.

However, if a natural feel and responsive assistance on varying terrain are paramount, the Tongsheng TSDZ2's torque sensor might be the better choice. Ultimately, the best way to decide is to test ride both systems and experience the difference firsthand.

Bafang BBS Series Mid-Drive Motor Comparison

bafang bbs serie mid drive conversion kits

Bafang's BBS series of mid-drive motors offers a range of options to electrify your cycling experience. From the budget-friendly BBS01B to the powerful BBSHD, each motor boasts unique features and capabilities.

Feature Bafang BBS01B Bafang BBS02B Bafang BBSHD
Model MM G310.250/350.C (M215) MM G340.500/750.C (M315) MM G320.1000.C (M615)
Power (Nominal) 250W/350W 500W/750W 1000W
Torque 80Nm 100Nm/120Nm 160Nm
Pedal Assist Sensor Cadence Cadence Cadence
Throttle Yes Yes Yes
Voltage 36V 36V/48V 48V/52V
Battery Compatibility 11.6Ah - 14.5Ah 11.6Ah - 17.5Ah 17.5Ah - 21Ah
Display (Optional) Compatible with Bafang displays Compatible with Bafang displays Compatible with Bafang displays
Weight ~3.2-3.6 kg ~3.6-4 kg ~5.6 kg
Waterproofing IP65 IP65 IP65
Price (Approx.) $250-$350 $300-$400 $500-$600
Brake Sensor Options Cable and hydraulic brake sensor Cable and hydraulic brake sensor Cable and hydraulic brake sensor
Bottom Bracket 68-73mm 68-73mm
100mm (750W Only)
Best For Casual riding, commuting Commuting, light off-road, mountain biking (750W) Extreme off-road, heavy loads, mountain biking, fat bike

Key Differences & Considerations

  • Power & Torque: The BBSHD is the clear winner in power and torque, ideal for heavy-duty use and extreme off-roading. The BBS02B offers a good balance, while the BBS01B is best for lighter use.
  • Controller: The BBSHD has a more robust controller for improved performance under high loads.
  • Weight: The BBSHD is the heaviest, while the BBS01B is the lightest. Choose based on your priorities and bike type.
  • Price: The BBS01B is the most budget-friendly, the BBSHD the most expensive.

Bafang BBS01B: Get the Most Out of Your New Electric Motor

bafang bbs01b e bike conversion kit wiring diagram

Electrifying Your Bike in 5 Easy Steps

Transforming your bike into an electric powerhouse has never been easier. Installing the Bafang BBS01B mid-drive kit is a simple process, and with a few tools and these simple steps, you'll be cruising with electric assistance in no time.

  • Step 1 - Prep Your Bike and Gather Your Tools: Gather the necessary tools (wrenches, Allen keys, crank puller, bottom bracket tool), and remove the pedals, crank arms, and bottom bracket from your bike.
  • Step 2 - Install the Motor: Slide the Bafang BBS01B motor into the bottom bracket shell, secure it with the mounting plate and bolts, and tighten to the specified torque.
  • Step 3 - Wire It Up: Connect the motor cable, battery, display, brake levers (if using e-brake cut-offs), and throttle (optional). Double-check all connections against the wiring diagram.
  • Step 4 - Reassemble: Attach the chainring, crank arms, and pedals. Mount the display on the handlebars and connect its cable.
  • Step 5 - Test and Fine-Tune: Securely mount the battery to the frame, connect its power cables, and double-check all connections. Power on the system and test the motor, display, pedal assist, throttle (if applicable), and brakes. Adjust the derailleur if needed for smooth shifting.

Enjoy a smooth ride for years

Keep your BBS01B running smoothly for countless ride with these easy maintenance tasks.

  • Regular Inspections: Check the motor, battery, and connections for wear or damage. Inspect and tighten all bolts.
  • Lubrication: Grease the motor's gearboxes every few months to prevent noise and wear.
  • Handle Battery Safely: Charge regularly and avoid deep discharges. Treat your battery with care, avoiding exposure to extreme temperatures, moisture, and physical damage. Store the battery in a cool, dry place.
  • Cleaning: Wipe down the motor and components with a damp cloth and mild detergent.

Ride Smart, Ride Safe: E-Bike Safety Essentials

Safety should always be your top priority when riding an e-bike, especially with the added power of a Bafang BBS01B. Always wear a helmet and appropriate protective gear, and ensure your bike is equipped with proper front and rear lights.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with local e-bike laws and regulations. In many regions, including the European Union and the United States, e-bikes are classified based on their power output and top speed. Understanding these classifications will help you ensure your converted bike complies with local laws and avoid any legal issues.

Bafang BBS01B 250/350W: The Perfect Choice for Every Rider

The Bafang BBS01B's versatility makes it an excellent choice for a wide range of cyclists. For commuters, it transforms a mundane journey into an exhilarating experience, effortlessly bypassing traffic and tackling hills. Weekend warriors can explore new trails and push their limits with the added power and endurance. Even leisure riders will appreciate the extra boost for a more enjoyable and relaxed ride. And with its competitive price point, the BBS01B is an accessible option for anyone looking to enter the world of electric biking.