swytch bike air and go e bike conversion kit

Swytch Bike | The Lightest Universal Front Hub Motor E-Bike Conversion Kit

Think light, think easy, think Swytch!

Give your beloved bike a second wind! The Swytch Bike converting kit seamlessly integrates with your existing bike, transforming it into a powerful electric bike.

The Swytch Bike kit is a universal e-bike conversion kit with a powerful 250W front hub motor. Enjoy easy installation, extended range options, and a smooth ride - all without sacrificing portability (perfect for folding bikes!)

Rediscover the joy of cycling with a little electric boost!

FIND YOUR PERFECT Swytch Bike Universal Conversion Kit

swytch bike front hub motors conversion kit with battery

Universal Compatibility

The Swytch Bike front hub motor kit fits almost any bike, including hybrid, folding, step-over, road, single-speed, and mountain bikes, with 13 wheel sizes to choose from. (Double-check your fork compatibility before purchasing)

Lightweight and Portable

The Swytch Bike features the smallest and lightest e-bike battery on the market, making it incredibly easy to carry and transport.

Two Power Pack Options

Choose from the all-new GO Series, offering extended range options from 15-60 miles (24-96 km) or the lightweight and pocket-sized AIR/MAX batteries (9-20 miles/24-32 km) designed to fit on your handlebars.

Swytch Bike Front Hub Conversion Kit


air battery swytch ebike converting kit

This front hub motor design integrates seamlessly with your existing bike, transforming it into a powerful e-bike without compromising on weight or handling. The AIR battery boasts a 15km range, perfect for conquering those daily errands or weekend explorations. Plus, its lightweight design makes it a breeze to carry and store, so you can focus on the joy of effortless cycling.


max battery swytch ebike converting kit

Experience effortless electric riding with the Swytch Bike front hub motor kit. It delivers impressive power without adding unnecessary weight to your bike. The MAX battery, while slightly larger than the AIR, packs a serious punch, offering an impressive 30km range. This lets you conquer longer commutes, explore further on leisure rides, or tackle those challenging hillier terrains with a smile.

FRONT HUB MOTOR 36V 250W + GO Battery

swytch bike go battery ebike converting kit

Electrify your daily commute and leisurely rides with the Swytch Bike conversion kit featuring a peppy front hub motor and the standard GO battery. With a range of up to 30 km (19 miles), this kit empowers your bike for everyday adventures, providing a smooth and enjoyable boost to your pedaling.

FRONT HUB MOTOR 36V 250W + GO+ Battery

swytch bike go battery ebike converting kit

Take your cycling adventures to the next level with the Swytch Bike conversion kit and the extended-range GO+ battery. With a range of up to 45 km (28 miles), this kit gives you the freedom to explore new routes and cover longer distances, transforming your ordinary bike into a powerful, multi-functional electric bike.

FRONT HUB MOTOR 36V 250W + GO++ Battery

swytch bike go battery ebike converting kit

Experience endless possibilities and experience the thrill of boundless e-biking with the Swytch Bike conversion kit and the powerful GO++ battery. With an impressive 90 km (60 mile) range, this kit is your passport to extended adventures, challenging trails, and worry-free exploration on your trusty two-wheeler.

How Does Swytch Bike Kit Work

how the swytch electric bike conversion kit works

The Swytch Bike kit is a remarkably simple system that seamlessly integrates with your existing bike.

Motor Wheel: This replaces your front wheel and is the heart of the electric assist system. The motor provides the extra oomph to propel you forward.

Power Pack (Battery): This lightweight, removable battery powers the motor. Swytch Bike offers two handlebar-mounted options (AIR and MAX) and three frame-mounted options (GO, GO+, GO++) to accommodate different range requirements.

Pedal Sensor: Mounted on your bottom bracket, this sensor detects when you're pedaling and engages the motor accordingly. This ensures a natural riding experience where the electric assist kicks in only when you're putting in effort.

Controller: This acts as the brain of the system, regulating power flow from the battery to the motor and ensuring everything functions smoothly.

Display (Optional): While not strictly necessary, a display can be added to provide information like speed, battery level, and assist mode selection.

Everything You Need, Delivered.

swytch ebike conversion kit package

Forget hunting for extra parts – your Swytch ebike conversion kit comes complete with everything you need to electrify your ride in one box !

Power Pack

The brains of the operation, housing the battery that fuels your electric assist.

Mount & Bracket

A secure and versatile system to attach the Power Pack seamlessly to your bike frame.

Pedal Sensor

Detects your pedaling motion, triggering the motor for a natural riding experience.


Top up your battery quickly and easily, getting you back on the road in no time (fast charging available with MAX battery).

Bespoke Motor Wheel

Custom-made to fit your bike, this powerhouse delivers 40Nm of torque for effortless cruising.


Clear and comprehensive instructions to guide you through a smooth installation process.

Swytch Folding BIKE Conversion Kit

folding bike swytch ebike conversion kit

Love the convenience of a folding bike but crave the power of an e-bike?

The Swytch Bike conversion kit is your perfect match! This innovative design seamlessly integrates with the most popular folding bike models, transforming your trusty companion into a powerful e-folding bike.

No matter your brand (Brompton or Dahon), Swytch Bike can unlock the electric potential of your fold!

Folding Bike FRONT HUB MOTOR 36V 250W + AIR Battery

air battery swytch folding bike converting kit

The Swytch Bike kit seamlessly integrates with your existing 16" wheel, transforming your folding bike into a powerful e-folding bike. Our lightweight 250W motor delivers a smooth 40Nm torque boost, perfect for conquering hills and commutes. Experience electric riding with the ultra-lightweight AIR battery (15km range) - ideal for errands and weekend adventures. Plus, it maintains your bike's compactness for easy storage.

Folding Bike FRONT HUB MOTOR 36V 250W + MAX Battery

max battery swytch folding bike converting kit.jpg

The Swytch Bike kit with the powerful MAX battery unlocks extended adventures! Seamlessly integrate with your existing 16" wheel, transforming your bike into a powerful e-folding machine. The MAX battery boasts a significant range boost, offering 30km of electric assistance, perfect for conquering longer commutes, exploring further, and tackling hillier terrains - all while maintaining your bike's compact folding convenience.

Swytch Bike Battery (Power Pack)

swytch bike battery

Forget bulky batteries – the Swytch Bike conversion kit features a revolutionary pocket-sized battery.

The brains behind the operation, this lightweight powerhouse holds the key to your electric ride, providing enough juice for your electric assist.

Swytch Bike offers two distinct battery lines to perfectly match your riding needs.

The Powerhouse in Your Pocket

Battery AIR & MAX Series

Designed for everyday riders and urban commuters, the AIR and MAX series offer a lightweight and convenient way to electrify your bike. These power packs fit seamlessly to your handlebars, making them easy to install and remove. Choose the AIR for short commutes or the MAX for a bit more range.

AIR Battery (90Wh / 15km)

swytch air battery

This pocket-sized Switch Bike AIR battery boasts a 90Wh capacity and delivers a range of up to 15km. Perfect for shorter commutes or leisure rides, it's the lightest and most affordable option, weighing only 700g.

MAX Battery (180Wh / 30Km)

swytch max battery

The Swytch MAX battery offers a 180Wh capacity and extends your range to an impressive 30km. While slightly heavier at 1100g, it provides the extra power needed for more demanding rides.

Battery GO Series

The GO series is built for those who crave adventure and long rides. With three power levels to choose from (GO, GO+, GO++), you can find the perfect battery to match your exploration goals. These long-range batteries fit seamlessly to your bike frame, providing a sleek and integrated look.

GO Battery (180Wh / 30km)

swytch bike go battery

The standard power pack, weighing a mere 2kg and specifically designed for everyday riding, offers an impressive range of 15-20 miles (30 km) on a single charge. This versatile and lightweight battery is the perfect companion for daily commutes, leisurely rides around town, quick errand runs, and even light touring adventures on your newly converted electric bike.

GO+ Battery (310Wh / 45km)

swytch bike go+ battery

Extend your adventures even further with the powerful GO+ battery, weighing a mere 2.5kg. With a significantly increased range of 30-40 miles (45-60 km), this lightweight option is perfect for longer rides, weekend excursions, exploring new routes, and comfortably commuting longer distances on your newly electrified bike.

GO++ Battery (378Wh / 65km)

swytch bike go++ battery

The most powerful battery in the series, weighing a mere 2.5kg, the GO++ is specifically built for the most demanding cyclists and avid adventurers seeking to push their limits. With an impressive extended range of 45-60 miles (72-96 km), it's perfect for challenging terrain, or multi-day rides on your e-MTB or e-trekking bike.

Putting It All Together

The beauty of the Swytch e-bike conversion kit lies in its straightforward installation.

Remove your front wheel.

Install the Swytch motor wheel in its place.

Attach the pedal sensor to your bottom bracket.

Mount the Power Pack on your bike frame using the provided bracket.

Connect the battery and motor to the controller.

About Swytch Bike

Forget hunting Swytch Bike is a London-based company founded in 2017 by engineers Oliver Montague and Dmitro Khroma. Their mission? To make electric bikes more accessible and affordable.

They started with a bang, raising over $500,000 through an Indiegogo campaign and turning their first patented ebike conversion kit concept into a reality. Since then, over 75,000 riders in 100+ countries have collectively ridden over 10 million miles with Swytch!

Choosing the best Swytch Bike Conversion Kit

Consider Your Riding Style and Needs

  • Distance: How far do you typically ride? If you have short commutes or leisure rides within 9 miles (15 km), the AIR battery might suffice. For longer distances up to 19 miles (30 km) or hillier terrain, the MAX battery is a better choice. If you need an even greater range, consider the GO series, offering ranges up to 60 miles (90 km) on a single charge.
  • Riding Intensity: Do you prioritize ease and comfort, or do you enjoy a bit of a workout? The electric assist will help regardless, but choosing a battery with more range like the MAX or GO series will provide more power for tackling hills or maintaining higher speeds.
  • Budget: Swytch conversion kits are already budget-friendly, but there's a price difference between the battery options. Choose the one that best fits your financial constraints.

Bike Compatibility

  • Wheel Size: Swytch Kits come in 13 different wheel sizes. Double-check your bike's tire size to ensure compatibility. You'll find this information on the sidewall of your tire.
  • Fork Compatibility: Since Swytch Bike uses a front motor wheel design, ensure your bike's front fork is compatible with the motor wheel's design. Swytch Bike offers a compatibility checker on their website to help you confirm this.
Feature AIR Battery MAX Battery GO Battery GO+ Battery GO++ Battery
Range (km) Up to 15 Up to 30 24-32 48-64 72-96
Weight (g) 700 1100 2000 2500 2500
Capacity (Wh) 90 180 180 310 378
Voltage (V) 36 36 36 36 36
Battery Type Lithium-ion Lithium-ion Lithium-ion Lithium-ion Lithium-ion
Ideal for Shorter commutes, leisure rides Longer distances, hills Everyday riding, moderate distances Extended range, exploring Long distance adventures, demanding terrain

Swytch Bike Kit's Top Features

pocket sized swytch ebike conversion kit battery

The Swytch Kit offers a unique combination of affordability, ease of installation, and compatibility, making it a compelling option for riders seeking a budget-friendly way to convert their bikes into ebikes.

Front Motor Wheel Design

This is a key distinction. Unlike some ebikes that use a mid-drive motor, Swytch Bike employs a front motor wheel.

Universal Compatibility

The Swytch Bike retrofit kit fits a wide range of bikes with 13 wheel sizes to choose from. However, it's crucial to confirm your bike's front fork compatibility before purchasing.

Lightweight and Portable

The Swytch Bike kit boasts the smallest and lightest ebike battery on the market, making it easy to carry and store.

Easy Installation

Even if you're not mechanically gifted, the Swytch Bike kit is designed for DIY installation. They offer clear instructions, video tutorials, and a friendly technical support team to guide you.

Your Bike. Electrically Supercharged.

switch bike front hub motor

Hold on, a Front Motor?

Unlike many ebikes that use a mid-drive motor (Bafang, Tongsheng, Bosch...), Swytch Bike takes a different approach. Their system utilizes a front motor wheel.

  • More Affordable: Swytch Bike front hub conversion kit start at £685, a fraction of the cost of a typical ebike.
  • Easier to Install: Even if you're not mechanically inclined, clear instructions and video tutorials will guide you through the process, getting you on the road in no time.

But there's a trade-off. Front motors can slightly affect the handling of your bike, particularly when climbing hills. However, for many riders, the convenience and affordability outweigh this consideration.

Is the Swytch Bike Kit Right for You

swytch ebike conversion kit advantages

This innovative e-bike kit is ideal for budget-conscious cyclists, urban commuters, and recreational riders.

  • Budget-Minded Cyclists: Breathe new life into your existing bike and experience the joy of electric riding without breaking the bank.
  • City Commuters: Effortlessly conquer urban commutes with the easy-to-install system and choose between two battery range options (15km or 30km) to fit your needs.
  • Recreational Riders: Explore further and rediscover the fun of cycling with a little electric assist from the frame-mounted GO series batteries, offering a range of up to 90 km (60 miles).