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Imagine gliding on scenic trails with the quiet support of a 250W assist, or taming off-road adventures with the raw power of a 1000W conversion kit. Conquer those mountain bike climbs with ease, or extend your daily commute with a reliable 500W option.

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Voltriderz is your one-stop authority for everything electric bike conversions!

We equip you with the knowledge and tools to transform your existing bike into a powerful e-bike. Explore our comprehensive guides, in-depth reviews, and compatibility charts to find the perfect conversion kit for your needs.

Powering Your E-Bike Conversion with the Best

e bike conversion kit motor

At Voltriderz, we believe a reliable and powerful motor is the beating heart of any successful e-bike conversion. That's why we focus on featuring conversion kits from industry leaders renowned for their cutting-edge technology, exceptional performance, and long-lasting durability. Let's explore some of the powerhouse brands that fuel the e-bike revolution.

Trusted Brands, Superior Performance


bafang ebike converstion kit brand

Forget overpriced electric bikes - Bafang rewrites the rules! As a world leader in conversion kits, Bafang offers muscular-boosting motors at an affordable price. Conquer any climb with the powerful Bafang BBSHD, or find the perfect balance between power and affordability with the multi-functional Bafang BBS01 and BBS02. Bafang conversion kits offer powerful options for every rider.


tongsheng ebike converstion kit brand

Offering a balance of power and affordability, Tongsheng motors are a popular choice for e-bike enthusiasts. They are known for their high torque output, customizable settings, and wide range of compatible batteries. Unleash the potential of your e-bike and conquer any terrain with confidence with the Tongsheng TSDZ2 or the upgraded Tongsheng TSDZ2b motor, offering even more power and efficiency.


yose power e bike conversion kit

Yose Power injects electrifying excitement into your bike with a range of affordable and versatile e-bike conversion kits! Choose between powerful rear hub motors for conquering hills or smooth front hub motors for effortless city cruising. Their versatile kits cater to various wheel sizes and even include solutions for folding bikes, making it easy to transform your ride into an eco-friendly and fun machine.


bosch ebike converstion kit brand

A pioneer in the e-bike industry, Bosch is renowned for its smooth, silent motors, intuitive user interfaces, and seamless integration with your bike's components. Experience the pinnacle of German engineering with the Bosch Performance Line CX motor. Enjoy a ride that feels natural and effortless, allowing you to explore further than ever before.


shimano ebike converstion kit brand

Shimano, a titan in the cycling world, brings their renowned quality and performance to e-bikes. Their quiet and powerful motors boast intuitive control and seamless integration into your existing frame. Experience the smooth, responsive ride you expect from Shimano, now enhanced for electric mobility with the STEPS system. Conquer mountains with the E8000 or explore the city with the versatile E6100

Swytch Bike

swytch ebike converstion kit brand

Known for its universality and lightweight design, the Swytch Ebike Conversion Kit is a fantastic option especially for folding bike riders seeking a simple and clean conversion solution. This innovative kit boasts a discreet front motor wheel and a removable battery for easy charging, making it a great choice for urban commutes or casual rides.

E-Bike Conversion Kit Power

e bike conversion kit motor power

Power Up Your Ride

The heart of any e-bike conversion lies in its motor's power. Choosing the right wattage unlocks the potential of your trusty bike, transforming it into an electric powerhouse tailored to your riding style.

Remember, local regulations may limit the allowable motor wattage for e-bikes. Be sure to check your local laws before choosing your conversion kit.

250W/350W Conversion Kits

250w ebike conversion kit motor

Effortless Cruising

Add a touch of electric power for a smooth and enjoyable ride. Perfect for casual riders and commuting.

Eco-Friendly Boost

This eco-friendly option lets you contribute to a cleaner environment while enjoying the benefits of electric cycling.

500W Conversion Kits

500w ebike conversion kit motor

Conquer Hills With Ease

Power through inclines and extend your range with a dependable 500W motor, perfect for riders who frequently tackle moderate hills.

Endless Adventures

Navigate challenging terrain with ease, enjoying the extended range and exhilarating climb assist that electric mountain biking offers.

750W Conversion Kits

750w ebike conversion kit motor

Bridge The Gap

Experience a powerful boost for steeper hills and extends your range for longer distances.

Thrilling Commutes

Conquer traffic jams and enjoy a more exciting ride to work. This powerful option is ideal for urban riders seeking a faster, more dynamic way to navigate the city.

1000W Conversion Kits

1000w ebike conversion kit motor

Unmatched Power

Dominate off-road trails with the raw power of a 1000W conversion kit. For experienced riders and challenging terrains.

E-Bike Performance Redefined

Experience the ultimate in electric power and acceleration. This raw power can tackle any obstacle in your path. Get ready to push your limits.

E-Bike Conversion Kit Motor

e bike conversion kit rear hub motor

Choose Your Driving Force

Forget clunky motors and awkward conversions – Electric bike conversion kits offer a range of sophisticated drive systems designed to seamlessly integrate with your bike, perfectly matching your riding style. Let's explore your options.

Mid-Drive Motor

mid drive ebike conversion kit

Natural Ride, Superior Power

Experience a natural, balanced ride with a mid-mounted motor. These powerhouses, nestled near the pedals, deliver superior weight distribution and climbing power for a smooth, confidence-boosting experience.

Front Hub Motor

front hub ebike conversion kit

Lightweight Champion

Conquer budgets and commutes with the front hub motor. This budget-friendly option integrates the motor into your front wheel, making it perfect for riders who prioritize a lightweight and easy-to-install solution.

Rear Hub Motor

rear hub ebike conversion kit

The Easy Way To E-Power

Rear hub motors reign supreme for convenience. This popular choice boasts a rear-wheel motor for easy installation and a smooth ride. Perfect for everyday adventures and zippy commutes, it offers excellent value for your money.


ebike conversion kit displays

Command Your Ride

Conversion kit displays are the brain of your e-bike, providing vital information at your fingertips. We help you decode everything from battery level and speed to motor output, guiding you towards the ideal display for your riding style. Our resources go further, exploring connectivity options and troubleshooting tips for a smooth and informed e-bike experience.


ebike conversion kit battery

Fueling Your Ride

The battery is the beating heart of your e-bike conversion, and choosing the right one is like picking the perfect fuel for your adventure.

Understanding capacity, voltage, and cell quality empowers you to select the ideal match. Conquer mountains with a long-lasting battery or zip through the city with a lightweight option. Forget range anxiety – electrify your rides, not your worries!

About Us

At Voltriderz, we're passionate about empowering riders to experience the thrill of e-bikes. We offer comprehensive resources and conversion kits to transform your trusty bike into an electric adventure machine. Whether you're a casual commuter or a mountain biking enthusiast, we'll guide you towards the perfect e-bike setup for your needs. Join the e-bike revolution and unlock the power within your ride!

Your E-Bike Conversion Starts Here!

ebike conversion kit daily commute

Consider Your Riding Style and Needs

Casual Commuter: Prioritize ease of use, lightweight motors (250W-500W), and comfortable riding position. Range may not be a huge concern.

Enthusiastic Rider: Explore options with more power (500W-750W) for tackling moderate hills and extending range. Consider factors like pedal assist levels and display features.

Mountain Biker: Prioritize power (750W-1000W) for conquering steep climbs and handling rough terrain. Look for kits with strong torque and durability.

Fitness Rider: Balance power with efficiency. A 500W motor might be sufficient, with a focus on features like pedal assist levels to customize your workout.

Motor Wattage & Battery Capacity

Motor Wattage: Higher wattage translates to more power for climbing hills and achieving higher speeds. However, regulations may limit wattage in some areas.

Battery Capacity: This determines your riding range on a single charge. Consider your typical ride distance and choose a battery with enough capacity.


Ensure the conversion kit is compatible with your bike frame, wheel size, and bottom bracket type. Check the manufacturer's specifications or use online compatibility charts.


Drive System: Choose between mid-drive (better weight distribution, more natural ride) or hub motors (easier installation, generally less expensive).

Display: Look for displays that provide essential information like battery level, speed, and pedal assist mode. Some offer additional features like connectivity or diagnostics.

Installation Difficulty: Evaluate your comfort level with mechanical tasks. Some kits require more expertise for installation.


Conversion kit prices vary depending on wattage, features, and brand. Set a realistic budget and prioritize features most important to you.

electric bike conversion kits top features

electric bike conversion kit features


  • Wattage (Power): This determines the overall power output of the motor, influencing your ability to climb hills and reach higher speeds. Options typically range from 250W (ideal for casual riding) to 1000W+ (for tackling challenging terrains).
  • Drive System: There are two main options:
    • Mid-Drive: Offers a more natural riding experience with better weight distribution, but installation can be more complex.
    • Hub Drive (Front or Rear): Generally easier to install and often more affordable, but weight distribution might be less ideal.
  • Torque: This relates to the motor's pulling power, crucial for climbing hills and accelerating quickly.


  • Capacity (Wh): Higher capacity translates to a longer riding range on a single charge. Choose a battery that aligns with your typical riding distance.
  • Voltage (V): This impacts motor performance and overall system compatibility. Make sure the battery voltage matches your chosen motor.
  • Cell Quality: High-quality cells ensure better battery life, performance, and safety. Look for brands that use reputable cell manufacturers.


  • Essential Information: Provides data like battery level, speed, pedal assist mode, and motor output.
  • Additional Features: Some displays offer extras like Bluetooth connectivity, GPS tracking, or smartphone app integration for expanded functionality.
  • Ease of Use: Choose a display with a clear layout and intuitive controls for quick access to information while riding.

Other Features

  • Compatibility: Ensuring the kit is compatible with your bike frame, wheel size, and bottom bracket type is crucial.
  • Installation Difficulty: Evaluate your mechanical skills and choose a kit that aligns with your comfort level. Some kits require more expertise.
  • Customer Support: A reputable brand with good customer service ensures you have resources and assistance if needed after purchase.

Installation & Maintenance Guide

Turning your trusty bike into an electric machine is exciting! However, before you hit the road, it's essential to familiarize yourself with installation and maintenance.


  • Gather Your Tools: The specific tools needed will vary based on your chosen kit, but a general toolkit with wrenches, screwdrivers, and Allen keys is a good starting point.
  • Prep Your Bike: Clear a workspace and secure your bike with a stand for easy access.
  • Follow the Instructions: Each kit comes with detailed instructions specific to the model. Read them thoroughly and proceed step-by-step. Don't hesitate to consult online resources or tutorials for additional guidance.
  • Focus on Compatibility: Ensure all components (motor, battery, controller) are compatible with your bike's frame, wheel size, and bottom bracket type.
  • Prioritize Safety: Double-check all connections and ensure everything is securely tightened before taking your e-bike for a spin.


  • Keep it Clean: Regularly clean your e-bike, paying attention to the motor, battery, and drivetrain. Remove dirt and debris that could impact performance.
  • Chain Care: Maintain proper chain lubrication to ensure smooth operation and prevent wear and tear.
  • Battery Care: Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for charging and storage. Avoid extreme temperatures and don't fully discharge the battery.
  • Regular Inspections: Visually inspect your e-bike for any loose components, worn-out parts, or damage. Address any issues promptly.
  • Consult a Professional: For complex repairs or maintenance beyond your comfort level, consider seeking help from a qualified e-bike mechanic.

Why You Should Convert Your Bike

benefits ebike retrofit kit

Electric bikes are surging in popularity, and for good reason.

  • Effortless hills, longer rides: Conquer inclines and extend adventures with a boost of electric power.
  • Faster commutes: Arrive at your destination quicker with helpful e-assist.
  • Save money & the planet: Skip gas and parking fees, plus enjoy zero emissions.
  • Ride farther, feel fresher: Convert your bike and unlock extended adventures without getting tired.
  • Pure joy of cycling: Experience effortless rides - a game-changer for any rider!

E-Bike Conversion Kit Motors

e bike conversion kit motor type

Ready to transform your bike into an electric powerhouse? E-bike conversion kits offer a fantastic way to experience the joy of electric riding. But with so many options, choosing the right one can be confusing. Let's break down the two most popular types of kits.

Hub Motors: Simplicity and Affordability

Hub motors are a great choice for riders who want a hassle-free e-bike conversion. They replace your existing front or rear wheel, making installation straightforward, perfect for beginners. Hub motors are also typically more affordable than mid-drive systems and require less maintenance, making them ideal for casual riders who prioritize convenience and value. However, it's important to note that hub motors can slightly change your bike's handling due to the added weight on the wheel.

Mid-Drive Motors: Power and Performance

If you're looking for a natural and powerful e-bike experience, mid-drive motors are the way to go. These systems integrate with your bike's bottom bracket, offering balanced weight distribution and a riding feel closer to a traditional bike. The real strength of mid-drive motors lies in their superior power transfer. They work directly with your drivetrain, providing exceptional climbing ability and a wider range of gears for conquering any terrain. While mid-drive kits require more maintenance and a potentially more complex installation, the performance boost and natural riding experience are well worth it for serious riders.