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Swytch Bike Conversion Kits: Find The Perfect Battery For You Needs

Swytch Bike offers a diverse range of e-bike conversion kits, each equipped with a different battery that delivers unique performance and range capabilities. This article compares the five available batteries – Air, Max, Go, Go+, and Go++ – to help you choose the one that best suits your needs.

Swytch Bike Batteries: The Heart Of Your E-Bike Transformation

The Swytch Bike battery, also known as the Power Pack, is the heart of your electric bike conversion kit. It’s the lightweight, portable powerhouse that gives you the freedom to ride further, faster, and with less effort. Choose from a variety of options to perfectly match your needs and transform your traditional bike into a dynamic electric machine.

Feature AIR MAX GO GO+ GO++
Range (km) Up to 15 Up to 30 30 45 90
Range (miles) Up to 9 Up to 19 15-20 30-40 45-60
Weight (g) 700 1100 2100 2500 2600
Capacity (Wh) 90 180 180 310 378
Battery Type Lithium-ion Lithium-ion Lithium-ion Lithium-ion Lithium-ion
Mounted Handlebar Handlebar Frame Frame Frame
Wheel Size 16″-29″ 16″-29″ 20″-29″ 20″-29″ 20″-29″
Use Shorter commutes, leisure rides Longer distances, hills Everyday riding, moderate distances Extended range, exploring Long distance adventures, demanding terrain

Swytch Bike AIR & MAX Series: Lightweight & Effortless

swytch bike air max batteries

Designed for everyday riders and urban commuters, the AIR and MAX series offer a lightweight and convenient way to electrify your bike. These power packs fit seamlessly to your handlebars, making them easy to install and remove. They are particularly recommended for urban cyclists, folding bike or those looking for a compact, unobtrusive solution.

swytch bike air max battery specs

  • AIR Battery: This pocket-sized powerhouse is perfect for shorter commutes and errand runs. It’s the lightest battery in the Swytch lineup, weighing just 700g, and offers a range of up to 15 km (9 miles).
  • MAX Battery: The MAX battery provides a balance of weight and power, making it ideal for longer rides and moderate hills. It weighs 1.1 kg and boasts a range of up to 30 km (19 miles).

The AIR and MAX batteries are designed to mount seamlessly on your handlebars, providing a sleek and integrated look. Simply attach the battery mount to your handlebars, slide in the battery, and you’re ready to ride.

how it works swytch bike air max battery

Swytch Bike GO Series (Go, Go+ and Go++): Autonomy & Flexibility

swytch bike go series batteries

The GO, GO+, and GO++ batteries, while slightly heavier and frame-mounted compared to the Air/Max options, offer significantly increased range options for cyclists seeking longer distances or more frequent e-bike use. Even with their increased capacity, they remain among the most compact e-bike batteries available on the market.

swytch bike go battery specs

  • GO Battery: The standard GO battery offers a range of 30 km (15-20 miles) and is perfect for daily commutes, leisurely rides, and errand runs.
  • GO+ Battery: Extend your adventures with the GO+ battery. With an increased range of 45 km (30-40 miles), it’s ideal for longer rides, weekend excursions, and exploring new routes.
  • GO++ Battery: Unleash your full potential with the GO++ battery. This powerhouse boasts an impressive range of 90 km (45-60 miles), perfect for long-distance journeys, challenging terrain, and multi-day rides.

The GO, GO+, and GO++ batteries are designed to mount on your bike frame, offering a more centralized weight distribution and increased stability. The battery pack is securely fastened to the frame using provided straps or bolts, depending on your bike’s design.

how it works swytch bike go battery

Choose the Right Swytch Bike Battery For You

Consider your riding style, distance needs, and budget when selecting your Swytch Bike Power Pack.

  • If you primarily use your bike for short commutes, errands, or leisurely rides around town, the lightweight and handlebar-mounted AIR or MAX batteries may be the perfect fit.
  • If you’re seeking longer adventures, exploring varied terrain, or simply desire the peace of mind that comes with extended range, the frame-mounted GOseries batteries, with their increased capacity and mileage, are an excellent choice.

Remember, the best battery for you is the one that aligns with your individual riding habits and preferences.

Swytch Bike Conversion Kit Options For Easy Electrification

swytch bike power packs comparaison

Transform your bike into an e-bike effortlessly with the Swytch Bike Conversion Kit. The front hub motor design offers a lightweight and affordable solution for electrifying your ride.

  • Easy Installation: Most front hub motor kits can be installed with basic tools and minimal technical knowledge.
  • Lightweight: Front hub motors are generally lighter than mid-drive motors, making them a good choice for riders who prioritize a lighter overall bike weight.
  • Affordable: Front hub motor kits are often more budget-friendly compared to mid-drive systems.
  • Suitable for Various Terrains: Front hub motors perform well on flat terrain and moderate hills, making them suitable for urban commuting and leisurely rides.
  • Regenerative Braking (Optional): Some front hub motor kits offer regenerative braking, which can slightly extend battery life by recovering energy during braking.

However, there are some considerations to keep in mind:

  • Weight Distribution: Adding a motor to the front wheel can slightly alter the bike’s handling, particularly on steep descents.
  • Traction: In slippery conditions, front hub motors may experience reduced traction compared to rear hub or mid-drive systems.
  • Less Powerful on Steep Hills: Front hub motors may struggle more on very steep hills compared to mid-drive systems, which offer more torque.

Overall, front hub motor conversion kits are a practical and cost-effective option for riders seeking a simple way to electrify their bicycles, especially for urban commuting and moderate terrain.