bafang bbs02b mid drive motor 750w

Bafang BBS02B: A Top-Rated 750W Mid-Drive Motor Kit

Ready to transform your everyday bicycle into an unstoppable, hill-conquering machine? The Bafang BBS02B, powered by a high-performance 750W mid-drive motor, is your ticket to effortless riding and electrifying adventures. Renowned for its raw power and adaptability, this powerhouse motor is the secret weapon of choice for mountain bikers, trail riders, and anyone seeking to conquer challenging terrain with ease. Prepare to leave others in the dust and embark on adventures you never thought possible.

Bafang BBS02B: Installation & Compatibility

The Bafang BBS02B not only packs a punch but also offers surprising ease of installation and compatibility with a wide range of bikes. Let’s explore how it seamlessly integrates into your existing setup.

Bafang BBS02B 48V 750W motor specificationsUnmatched Power & Versatility

The BBS02B is known for its impressive power output, delivering a thrilling boost to your pedaling efforts. Whether you’re tackling steep climbs or cruising through city streets, this 750W motor provides the torque and acceleration to make every ride effortless and enjoyable.

But it’s not just about power – the BBS02B is also surprisingly versatile. Its compatibility with a wide range of bikes, from mountain bikes to road bikes and even fat tire bikes, makes it a flexible choice for most cyclists. With standard 68-73mm bottom bracket compatibility, you can transform almost any bike into an electrifying machine.

Simple Installation & Customization

Installing the BBS02B is surprisingly straightforward for those with basic mechanical skills. Most of the necessary tools are likely already in your toolbox. The included instructions and diagrams guide you through the process, ensuring a smooth and successful installation.

Once installed, the BBS02B offers a world of customization. The built-in controller allows you to fine-tune the level of pedal assistance to match your preferred riding style. Additionally, the integrated speed sensor keeps you informed of your speed and distance, adding a layer of convenience to your rides.

Bafang BBS02B: A Mid-Drive Powerhouse for Your E-Bike

This mid-drive motor seamlessly integrated into your bike’s drivetrain, this mid-drive dynamo transforms your every pedal stroke into electrifying power and exhilarating speed. It’s the ultimate upgrade for riders who demand both precise control and heart-pounding performance.

Performance That Exceeds Expectations

The BBS02B 750W motor isn’t just about raw power; it’s a harmonious blend of exhilarating performance and refined engineering. With a peak output of 750 watts and a staggering 120 Nm of torque, this mid-drive motor effortlessly conquers steep hills and challenging terrain. Experience the thrill of instant acceleration as you launch from traffic lights, or effortlessly maintain high speeds, reaching up to 28 mph (depending on local regulations). Whether you’re carving through rugged trails or navigating bustling city streets, the BBS02B delivers a ride that’s both smooth and exhilarating.

Yet, for all its power, the BBS02B remains remarkably quiet and efficient. Its advanced design minimizes noise and maximizes battery life, ensuring a peaceful and extended ride. The motor’s intelligent heat dissipation system effectively prevents overheating, even during intense use, guaranteeing consistent performance and longevity.


  • Popularity & Community: Widely embraced by e-bike enthusiasts, ensuring ample support, resources, and potential for upgrades/modifications.
  • Balanced Ride & Handling: Mid-drive design enhances stability and maneuverability by centralizing weight for a more natural feel.
  • Versatile Gearing: Wide gear range accommodates both steep climbs and exhilarating descents, making it ideal for diverse terrains.
  • Retrofit Ready: Easily installed on most standard bicycles, allowing you to electrify your existing bike without the need for a new one.
  • Off-Road Powerhouse: Robust power output and torque tackle challenging off-road adventures and hilly terrain with ease.
  • Responsive Torque Sensor: Intelligently adjusts motor assistance based on your pedaling force for a seamless and efficient ride.


  • Noise Level: Can be noticeable, especially at higher speeds, potentially detracting from the tranquility of nature rides or urban commutes.
  • Technical Know-How: While installation is relatively straightforward, some basic bike mechanic skills are required for optimal setup and maintenance.

Specifications & Compatibility

This mid-drive motor accommodates both 36V and 48V battery systems, offering flexibility to match your desired range and power output. Ampere-hours (Ah) are your key to unlocking extended adventures – higher Ah batteries translate to more miles between charges. With the BBS02B, you can choose a battery as small as 13Ah for quick commutes or opt for a 20+ Ah powerhouse to explore far-off destinations. Whether you prefer a sleek downtube battery or a convenient rear rack mount, the BBS02B seamlessly integrates with your e-bike’s design.

Its compact form and surprisingly lightweight build (4.2 kg) make the BBS02B a breeze to install on most bicycles, provided they have a standard 68mm or 73mm bottom bracket. This broad compatibility, coupled with its exceptional performance, has propelled the Bafang BBS02B 750W into the hearts and garages of e-bike enthusiasts worldwide, solidifying its position as a true leader in the mid-drive motor market.

Specification BBS02B
Rated Power 750W
Rated Voltage 36V or 48V
Rated Current 13A to 20A
Max Torque 120N.m
Max Speed 28mph (45km/h)
Motor Type Mid-drive Motor
Motor Weight 9.2lbs (4.3kg)
Motor Width 68mm
Motor Length 120mm
Motor Height 65mm
Sprocket 9T/10T/11T/12T
Chainwheel 44T/46T/48T/52T
Compatible Battery Types Lithium-ion battery
Compatible Display Types Bafang SW102/SW102 LCD/C961/C965/C18/850C/750C/500C/P850C/P750C/P500C
Assist Levels 5 levels
Pedal Assist Sensor Type Cadence Sensor
Waterproof Rating IPX5
Operating Temperature -20°C to 50°C
Certification CE, ROHS, EN14764
Warranty 1 years

Bafang BBS02B: Your E-Bike Conversion Made Easy

bafang bbs02b e bike conversion kit with 750W mid drive motor

The Bafang BBS02B conversion kit simplifies the process of converting your regular bike into an e-bike. With clear instructions and a comprehensive set of components, most cyclists can install it themselves in under an hour. This kit boasts broad compatibility, fitting most standard bikes with a 68-73mm bottom bracket and chainstays up to 420mm long.

The ease of use doesn’t stop at installation. The BBS02B offers five levels of pedal assist, allowing you to tailor the motor’s power output to your specific needs and terrain. The integrated torque sensor adds a layer of sophistication, sensing your pedaling force and adjusting assistance accordingly for a smooth and natural riding experience.

The intuitive color display puts essential information at your fingertips, including speed, power level, and battery life. Plus, the convenient USB port lets you charge your devices on the go, keeping you connected while exploring the open road.

Bafang Mid-Drive Motors Comparison

The Bafang BBS series includes the BBS01B, BBS02B, and BBSHD models, each designed to cater to different power needs and riding conditions.

  • BBS01B (250/350W): Ideal for city commuting and light off-road use, this model offers a balance of power and efficiency, making it perfect for casual riders.
  • BBS02B (500/750W): These models are suitable for more demanding rides, including steep hills and longer distances. The 500W variant is a good middle ground, while the 750W offers higher torque and speed.
  • BBSHD (1000W): The most powerful in the series, the BBSHD is designed for extreme off-road conditions and heavy-duty use, providing maximum torque and speed for the most challenging terrains.
Feature Bafang BBS01B Bafang BBS02B Bafang BBS02B Bafang BBSHD
Power 250W/350W 500W 750W 1000W
Battery Compatibility 36V/48V 36V/48V 48V 48V/52V
Max Torque 80Nm 100Nm 120Nm 160Nm
Max Speed 25-32 km/h 38-45 km/h 50-55 km/h 50-55 km/h
Pedal Sensor Cadence Cadence Cadence Cadence
Bottom Bracket Size 68-73 mm 68-73 mm 68-73 mm 68-73 mm / 100-120 mm
Motor Modes Electric Bike, Pedal Assist, Walk Assist, Manual Electric Bike, Pedal Assist, Walk Assist, Manual Electric Bike, Pedal Assist, Walk Assist, Manual Electric Bike, Pedal Assist, Walk Assist, Manual
Display Options Optional Optional Optional Optional
Waterproof IPX5 IPX5 IPX5 IPX5
Weight 3.8 kg 4.3 kg 4.3 kg 6 kg

Top 5 Major Differences Between Bafang BBS02 & BBS02B

  • BBS02B features a completely new controller that is incompatible with BBS02, including different firmware settings.
  • The BBS02B has a redesigned case with a new shape and a rubber gasket for better water resistance.
  • New internal components in the BBS02B, such as nylon gears and pinion gears, are not interchangeable with those in the BBS02.
  • The firmware changes require different programming settings for the PAS to function correctly in the BBS02B.
  • Spare parts for the BBS02B are not compatible with the BBS02, causing initial issues with parts availability.

Bafang BBS02B: Your Ticket to Electrifying Adventures

The Bafang BBS02B 750W is a game-changer for any cyclist seeking to electrify their bike, offering exceptional power and user-friendly installation. It’s a top contender in the world of e-bike conversions, sitting comfortably between the smoother, torque-sensor equipped Tongsheng TSDZ8 (750W) and the ultra-powerful Bafang BBSHD (1000W). While the BBS02B’s cadence sensor may not provide the same refined pedal-assist experience as the TSDZ8, its raw power and customizable settings are more than enough for many riders.

If you crave a thrilling ride and prioritize sheer power, the Bafang BBS02B is a worthy investment that can transform your bicycle into an exhilarating electric machine. Its robust build and weather resistance ensure it can handle even the most demanding adventures. However, if a natural, intuitive pedal-assist experience is your top priority, the TSDZ8 with its torque sensor might be worth exploring. If you’re looking for even more power, the Bafang BBSHD is the top-of-the-line option.

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