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Best E-Bike Conversion Kits With Battery: 2024 Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Transform your humble bicycle into a lightning-fast, hill-crushing, traffic-obliterating e-bike with our e-bike conversion kit with battery guide. Explore the most powerful motors, longest-lasting batteries, and cutting-edge tech to supercharge your rides. Whether you’re a daily commuter battling headwinds or an adrenaline junkie conquering mountains, this buyer’s guide will reveal the e-bike kit that will unleash your inner cycling superhero.

What’s An E-Bike Conversion Kit

It’s your ultimate upgrade for effortless cycling. This package of essential components – a motor, a rechargeable battery, a display unit (optional), and a controller – seamlessly integrates with your existing bicycle, transforming it into an electric-powered wonder. With the added boost from the battery, your pedaling power is amplified, making hills feel flat and long distances a breeze.

Why convert your bike to electric

Don’t settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary. Elevate your cycling experience and unlock a new world of possibilities by converting your trusty bike into a dynamic e-bike. It’s a game-changer that offers a multitude of benefits for your wallet, your well-being, and the planet.

  • Affordable Transformation: Give your existing bike a new lease on life without the hefty price tag of a brand-new e-bike. Conversion kits offer a cost-effective way to enjoy all the perks of electric assistance.
  • Eco-Friendly Exploration: Embrace a sustainable mode of transportation and reduce your carbon footprint. Ditch the car and opt for an e-bike to commute, run errands, or simply explore your surroundings.
  • Cycling for All: Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or just starting out, e-bikes make the joy of riding accessible to everyone. Pedal-assist technology levels the playing field, making hills a breeze and long distances less daunting.
  • Thrills and Freedom: Experience the pure exhilaration of effortlessly cruising past traffic, conquering challenging hills, and extending your adventures. E-bikes make every ride an exciting escape.

Choosing Your Ideal Conversion Kit With Battery

e bike conversion kit with downtube battery

Selecting the right conversion kit is paramount to ensure a satisfying and tailored e-bike experience. Here’s an in-depth look at the key considerations:

Motor Type: The Heart & Soul of Your E-Bike

The motor is the heart of your ebike conversion kit. It’s what will give you the power to pedal up hills and zip around town. There are two main types of motors: hub motors and mid-drive motors. Hub motors are the most common type and are located in the front or rear wheel. Mid-drive motors are located in the middle of the bicycle frame and tend to be more powerful than hub motors.

Aspect Hub Motor Mid-Drive Motor
Advantages Ease of installation

Relatively budget-friendly

Availability in both front and rear wheel configurations

Superior power delivery and efficiency

Optimal weight distribution for enhanced balance

Preserves the natural feel of your bike

Exceptional performance on steep hills and varied terrain

Disadvantages Lower efficiency compared to mid-drive motors

Potential minor impact on bike handling

May not be optimal for exceptionally steep or challenging terrain

Generally more expensive

Installation can be more intricate

May require specific frame compatibility

Recommended For Urban commuting, leisurely rides, flat or moderately hilly areas Mountain biking, off-road adventures, hilly terrain, and riders seeking a more integrated e-bike experience

Battery Capacity: Maximize Your Range For Extended Adventures

The battery is what powers the motor and allows you to go long distances without pedaling. Lithium-ion batteries are the best type of battery for ebikes because they’re lightweight and have a long lifespan. You’ll want to choose a battery with enough capacity to get you where you need to go without running out of juice.

Aspect Description
Watt-Hours (Wh) This crucial metric determines the distance you can travel on a single charge. A higher Wh rating equates to a longer range. Evaluate your typical riding distances and select a battery that ensures you won’t run out of power mid-journey.
Amp Hours (Ah) This measures the battery’s current capacity and facilitates comparisons between batteries with similar voltages.
Charging Time Prioritize batteries with rapid charging capabilities to minimize downtime between rides and keep you on the move.

Controller: The Brains Behind Your E-Bike’s Power

The controller acts as the command center for your e-bike, orchestrating the flow of power from the battery to the motor. It’s essential to select a controller that is not only compatible with your chosen motor and battery but also aligns with your desired riding experience. Always ensure your controller is compatible with the voltage and amperage of your motor and battery. Mismatched components can lead to performance issues and even safety hazards.

  • Pedal Assist (PAS): This intelligent system senses your pedaling effort and activates the motor accordingly. PAS controllers typically offer multiple levels of assistance, allowing you to adjust the amount of boost you receive. This mode promotes a more natural and intuitive riding experience, as the motor amplifies your own efforts.
    • Cadence Sensor: Detects the rotation of the pedals and activates the motor accordingly. Provides consistent power delivery regardless of your effort level.
    • Torque Sensor: Measures the force you apply to the pedals and adjusts the motor assistance to match your effort. Offers a more natural and intuitive riding experience.

Extra Features: Optional E-Bike Accessories

Beyond the essential motor and battery, these add-ons enhance your riding experience, providing valuable information, convenience, and even a boost to your battery life.

  • Display: A display unit acts as your e-bike’s dashboard, providing essential real-time information such as speed, battery level, distance traveled, assist mode, and more. Advanced displays may offer GPS navigation, fitness tracking, and customizable settings to tailor your riding experience.
  • Throttle: A throttle grants you independent control over the motor’s power, allowing you to accelerate without pedaling. This feature is particularly useful for quick starts, hill climbs, or when you simply need a rest from pedaling.
  • Walk Assist: If you encounter steep hills or need to navigate your e-bike through crowded areas, walk assist mode provides a gentle push, making it easier to maneuver your bike without breaking a sweat.
  • Regenerative Braking: This eco-conscious technology harnesses the kinetic energy generated during braking and converts it back into electricity, replenishing your battery and extending your range.

6 Top-Rated E-Bike Kits Brands That Will Change The Way You Ride (2024)

These cutting-edge kits offer power, performance, and unmatched versatility, empowering you to create the ultimate e-bike tailored to your needs and your bike.

Best Mid-Drive Motor Conversion Kits

bafang mid drive motor m420Mid-drive motors redefine e-bike performance, offering superior power transfer and a natural riding experience that’s perfect for conquering hills and demanding trails.

Feature Pendix Tongsheng Bafang
Power 250W 250W-750W 250W-1000W
Pedal Assist System Cadence Sensor Torque Sensor Cadence Sensor
Battery Options ePower 300/500/1000 (330-994Wh) Optional 13Ah-20+Ah (Optional)
Range 37-72/62-120/124-240 km Depends on chosen battery Depends on chosen battery
Torque 65 Nm 80-120 Nm 80-160 Nm
Motor Weight 4.6-7.3 kg 3.6-4.6 kg 3.8-6 kg
Best Suited For Commuting, touring, cargo bikes Commuting, touring, off-road Versatile, from commuting to off-road
  • Bafang

A leading innovator in e-bike technology, Bafang provides a range of mid-drive options, including the BBS01B (350W) for city commutes, the versatile BBS02B (500W/750W) for various terrains, and the powerful BBSHD (1000W) for extreme off-road adventures. Bafang kits are known for their power, reliability, and customization options.

  • Tongsheng

Renowned for their smooth and customizable mid-drive motors with torque sensors, Tongsheng offers the TSDZ2 (250/350W) for daily rides and light trails, the upgraded TSDZ2B (250/500W) for tackling hills, and the high-performance TSDZ8 (750W) for e-MTB enthusiasts. Tongsheng kits are favored for their natural pedal-assist feel and open-source firmware, allowing for further customization.

  • Pendix

Made in Germany, Pendix offers premium mid-drive systems known for their quiet operation and sleek design. Their eDrive series includes the eDrive300 and eDrive500, perfect for commuting and touring, and the eDrive1000 for extended adventures with double the battery capacity. Pendix focuses on seamless integration with your bike frame and a refined riding experience.

Best Hub Motor Conversion Kits

Bafang rear hub motor conversion kit with batteryHub motors offer a straightforward and cost-effective way to electrify your bike, perfect for casual riders and urban environments.

Feature Swytch Bike Yose Power Ebikeling Bafang
Power 250W 250W/350W 500W-3000W 250W-750W
Motor Type Front Hub Front/Rear Hub Front/Rear Hub Front/Rear Hub
Pedal Assist System Cadence Sensor Cadence Sensor Cadence Sensor Cadence Sensor
Battery Options AIR (98Wh)

MAX (180Wh)

GO (180Wh)

GO+ (310Wh)

GO++ (378Wh)

Optional 12.8Ah-21Ah (Optional) 13Ah-20+Ah (Optional)
Range 11-16 km (AIR)

24-32 km (MAX)

24-97 km (GO series)

Depends on chosen battery Depends on chosen battery Depends on chosen battery
Torque 40 Nm 40-58 Nm 35-110 Nm 45-80 Nm
Motor Weight 700g (AIR)

1.1kg (MAX)

2.1kg-2.6kg (GO series)

3.5-5 kg 3.5-11.4 kg Varies
Best Suited For Urban commuting, leisure rides, portability Urban commuting, leisure rides, some off-road capability High-power, speed-oriented riding (e.g., off-road, downhill) Urban commuting, leisure rides, light off-road
  • Bafang

In addition to their renowned mid-drive motors, Bafang also offers a range of front or rear hub motor conversion kits. These kits provide power options from 250W to 750W and are compatible with various wheel sizes (20″ to 29″), making them a versatile choice for different riding styles. Bafang hub motors are known for their reliability and performance, offering a solid option for both commuting and recreational riding.

  • Swytch Bike

Revolutionizing the e-bike conversion scene with their innovative, lightweight, and universal kit featuring a compact 250W front hub motor and easily removable battery. Choose from the AIR (11-16 km), MAX (24-32 km), or GO series (24-97 km) for different ranges and riding needs. Swytch is renowned for its sleek design, user-friendly installation, and convenient portability.

  • Yose Power

A rapidly growing brand specializing in affordable front and rear hub motors (250W/350W). Yose Power offers a variety of wheel sizes (20″-29″) and compatible Hailong batteries for a customizable riding experience. They’re a popular choice for those seeking a simple, reliable, and budget-friendly conversion kit.

  • Ebikeling

Known for their high-power options (500W-3000W), Ebikeling caters to thrill-seekers and those who crave speed and torque. Their hub motors are available for diverse wheel sizes (20″ to 29″) and bike types, making them a versatile choice for urban, off-road, and even fat bike enthusiasts.

Installation Tips: Transforming Your Bicycle with Precision

While some e-bike conversion kits are designed for user-friendly installation, others, particularly mid-drive motors, may necessitate professional assistance. Here’s a simplified overview of the process:

  1. Preparation: Gather the necessary tools, meticulously review the provided instructions, and remove the bike’s chain for easier access.
  2. Motor Installation: Follow the kit’s specific guidelines to securely mount the motor onto either the wheel hub (for hub motors) or the bottom bracket (for mid-drive motors).
  3. Battery Placement: Select a safe and convenient location for the battery, ensuring it is securely mounted on the frame or a rear rack.
  4. Wiring: Carefully connect the motor, battery, controller, and any additional components like displays or throttles, meticulously following the provided wiring diagram.
  5. Test Ride: Embark on a cautious test ride in a safe environment to verify the proper functionality of your e-bike and fine-tune settings as needed.

Embark on Your Electrified Adventure!

E-bike conversion kits are more than just accessories; they’re a catalyst for transforming your cycling experience. With enhanced accessibility, unparalleled enjoyment, and a commitment to environmental responsibility, you’ll discover that every ride becomes an unforgettable adventure. Choose the kit that aligns with your unique needs and budget, and prepare to embrace the exhilarating world of electric-powered cycling!

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