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Bafang M510 Review: The Ultimate E-MTB Motor

In this comprehensive, long-term review of the Bafang M510 electric mountain bike motor, we’ll explore its potent features, remarkable range, and compare it to other motors in the market. After a year of testing the M510, I’m equipped to share valuable insights into its performance and the overall riding experience it offers.

Bafang M510 Specifications

  • Power and Performance

One of the standout features of the Bafang M510 is its impressive power output. This motor doesn’t just add to your speed; it significantly boosts it, allowing you to cover more ground in less time. Engineered with a high power output of 95 Nm, this mid-drive motor transforms even the most challenging terrains into enjoyable cycling experiences.  The Bafang M510 is a powerhouse on the trails. My initial impressions recognized its potential, but I felt it needed some fine-tuning. Once done, the motor delivers a seamless and reliable performance, while maintaining its peak power and torque.

Efficiency is another highlight of the Bafang M510. The motor is designed to optimize power usage, ensuring that every bit of energy from your e-bike’s battery is used to its fullest potential. This means you can enjoy longer rides without worrying about your battery running out.

Specification Description
Type Mid-drive
Power 95 Nm
Voltage 43V
Efficiency >80%
Weight 3.9 kg
Speed 45 km/h
IP Rating IP65
Certification EN 14764, EN 15194
Compatibility Bafang displays, CAN protocol
  • Bafang’s Expertise

Bafang, a leading name in the electric motor industry, has produced over 2 million units, demonstrating their extensive expertise and commitment to innovation. The M510, one of their flagship products, is a testament to this dedication.

Launched in June 2021, this motor is a powerhouse, boasting 95Nm of torque and a 600-watt Assistance Power (AP). Despite these impressive specifications, it maintains a lightweight profile, weighing in at just 3.9 kilograms. This balance of power and weight contributes to the motor’s exceptional performance.

For my testing, I selected the 750 watt hour battery, which, in my experience, has proven to be an excellent choice, providing long-lasting power for extended rides.

  • Design and Aesthetics

bafang m510 motor

The M510 is not just about performance; it also scores high on aesthetics. Its slim design sets it apart from bulkier competitors, adding a sleek touch to any e-bike it’s fitted on. But the real beauty of the M510 lies in its performance on the trails.

This motor doesn’t just offer a ride; it offers an exhilarating adventure! The refined power delivery and responsiveness make it a joy to handle, even on the most technical terrains. Its compact design belies the power it holds, making every ride a thrilling experience.

  • Assistance Modes and Pedaling Experience

The M510 is equipped with five assistance modes and a walk mode, providing a range of options to suit different riding conditions and preferences. While three modes are typically sufficient for most riders, the immense power of the M510 makes all five modes a joy to explore.

The motor truly comes into its own when pedaling at higher cadences, typically around 70 to 120 RPM. This is where its 95Nm of power truly shines, delivering a performance comparable to that of Bosch motors, renowned for their abundant torque and power. Whether you’re cruising on a flat trail or tackling a steep climb, the M510 ensures a smooth and enjoyable ride.

  • Tuning and Adjustability

For those who take pleasure in fine-tuning their ride, the M510 offers a high degree of adjustability. It can be tweaked via a computer, allowing riders to customize the motor’s performance to their specific riding style and terrain.

Bafang is also in the process of developing an app, which will enable on-the-go adjustments, providing riders with even more flexibility and control. In addition, the motor features a useful overrun function. This provides an extra boost during technical climbs, making uphill rides more manageable and enjoyable.

  • Noise Level

When it comes to noise, the M510 does produce a sound, but it’s not intrusive. It’s akin to a jet engine’s hum, adding a sense of power and excitement to the ride without being disruptive. You can hear the different assistance modes in action. Each mode produces a distinct sound, providing an auditory experience that complements the physical ride.

  • Range and Battery Performance

The range of an e-bike motor is a crucial factor for any rider, and the M510, paired with the 750Watt e-bike battery, excels in this area. During an extreme range test, I covered an impressive distance of over 40 kilometers and tackled 1750 vertical meters of climbing.

This test was conducted with the motor set to its highest assistance mode, demonstrating the motor’s power and the battery’s endurance. By lowering the assistance level and contributing more pedal power, riders can undoubtedly increase the range, making the M510 an excellent choice for long rides and challenging terrains.

Comparison with Other Motors

bafang m510

When compared to other electric mountain bike motors, the Bafang M510 stands out as a formidable contender. Its power output, possibly even surpassing some of its rivals, sets it apart in the market. While it may not be the quietest motor on the block, its noise level is on par with Bosch motors, which are known for their reliable performance and quality.

Moreover, the M510’s overrun feature, providing an extra boost during technical climbs, is a characteristic shared with motors from brands like Shimano and Bosch. This feature further enhances the M510’s performance, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of terrains and riding conditions.

The Future of E-Mountain Biking with the M510

The incorporation of the Bafang M510 into more mainstream brands’ electric mountain bikes is a development I’m eagerly anticipating. This could significantly increase the accessibility of e-mtb, making this exciting sport available to a broader audience. By integrating high-performance motors like the M510 into their products, brands can potentially reduce the overall cost of e-bikes. This, in turn, could encourage more people to take up e-mountain biking, expanding the sport’s community and popularity. The M510, with its impressive performance and affordability, could play a pivotal role in shaping the future of e-mountain biking.

Areas for Improvement

Despite the many ways the M510 has impressed me, there are a few areas where it could be further refined. One such area is the battery removal process. Currently, a key is required to remove the battery, which can be slightly inconvenient, especially when on the go. A tool-less system, perhaps a secure yet easy-to-use latch or lever mechanism, would be a more user-friendly solution.

The remote control, another integral part of the system, could also benefit from some improvements. Its current build feels somewhat plasticky and delicate, which might not stand up well to the rigors of regular use, especially in outdoor conditions. A more robust material or design could enhance its durability and user experience.

Lastly, the display’s plugs could be improved. They are prone to accidental disconnection during transportation, which can be frustrating for riders. Implementing proper clips or a more secure connection system would help ensure a stable, uninterrupted connection, enhancing the overall reliability of the system.

While these improvements are minor, addressing them could significantly enhance the user experience and the overall performance of the M510, making an already impressive e-bike motor even better.


Despite these minor drawbacks, the Bafang M510 is an excellent choice for an e-bike conversion kit. I can confidently endorse the Bafang M510 as a fantastic system that’s worth investing in. Bafang has truly delivered with this motor, and I believe it can compete with other major players in the market. With more brands adopting the M510, the future of e-mountain biking looks promising, with even more riders experiencing the thrill and excitement of this incredible sport.

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