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Bafang E-Bike Motor Reviews

Bafang motors are some of the most popular electric bike motors on the market. They’re known for their reliability, power, and affordability. Bafang offers a wide range of electric bike motors, from small 250W motors to powerful 1000W mid drive motors. Whether you’re looking for a motor to help you get around town or one that will let you tackle steep hills and rough terrain, Bafang has a motor that will suit your needs.

Are Bafang E-Bike Motor Good?

There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to electric bike motors, and each person has different needs and preferences. But overall, Bafang motors tend to be very reliable and efficient, and they offer a good range of features. Plus, they’re relatively affordable, which is always a plus. Anyone who has decided to buy a Bafang mid-drive motor will not regret it. In the relevant forums, where topics usually focus on the problems of electric bike motors, Bafang bike owners are happy that they can ride without any issues.

A Bafang e-bike motor is a great option if you’re looking for a powerful and reliable motor for your bike. They’re known for their quality and performance, so you can rest assured that you’re getting a great product when you choose one of these motors.

What Types Of Motors Does Bafang Manufacture?

Bafang is one of the leading manufacturers of motors for electric bikes today. They make a wide variety of motors, from small and lightweight ones designed for city riding, to powerful ones capable of reaching high speeds on off-road trails. No matter what type of motor you’re looking for, Bafang is likely to have an option that will suit your needs. Their most popular motor is the BBS01, which is a mid-drive motor that offers a great balance between power and weight. It’s perfect for both on and off-road riding, and can even be used for commuting. If you’re looking for something a little more powerful, the BBS02 is also available. This motor offers up to 750 watts of power, making it perfect for hill climbing and off-road riding.

Bafang Mid Drive Motor Review (M Series)

bafang mid drive motor review

The Bafang Mid Drive Motor is a powerful and efficient motor that can be used on a variety of bikes. It is easy to install and can be used with various types of batteries. The motor is also very quiet, making it an excellent choice for those who want to enjoy their rides without disturbing others.

ModelPowerCouple (Max.)Weight
BBS01250W – 350W80 Nm3.8 kg
BBS02750W100 Nm4.8 kg
BBS03/BBSHD1000W160 Nm5.6 kg
M820250W75 Nm2.3 kg
M800200W55 Nm2.3 kg
M625750 – 1000W140 – 160 Nm
M6201000W160 Nm5.3 kg
M615750 – 1000W140 – 160 Nm5.6 kg
M600500W120 Nm3.9 kg
M510250W95 Nm3 kg
M500250W95 Nm3.4 kg
M445250W50 Nm5 kg
M420250W80 Nm3.6 kg
M410250W80 Nm3.4 kg
M400250W80 Nm3.9 kg
M325500W100 Nm
M315500 – 750W100 – 120 Nm4.3 kg
M300250W80 Nm3.6 kg
M215250W80 Nm3.8 kg
M200250W65 Nm3.2 kg

  • Bafang 250W (BBS01)
  • bafang bbs01b

    The Bafang BBS01, equipped with a 250W or 350W motor, delivers a maximum torque of 80Nm while weighing in at a mere 3.9 kg. Operating on a voltage of 36V, this motor is specifically optimized for use in modern mountain bikes. One of its standout features is its lightning-quick responsiveness, which ensures that riders receive exceptional electric assistance whenever they need it. Whether you’re navigating steep inclines or cruising along flat terrains, the Bafang BBS01 enhances your cycling experience by providing reliable and efficient power.

  • Bafang 750W (BBS02)
  • bafang bbs02b

    The Bafang BBS02 elcykel motor konvertering kit provides between 500W and 750W and 100 Nm of torque, which is less than some other models. That doesn’t mean it isn’t a top performer–it offers exceptional power and efficiency. The motor reacts lightning-quick to the force you exert on your cranks or pedals, and it will continue to do so as you go faster. The BBS02 motor is a popular choice for many modern mountain bike because of its responsive and efficient assistance, as well as its lightweight frame that balances out the bike and offers high levels of stability.

  • Bafang 1000W (BBSHD)
  • bafang bbs02b

    The Bafang BBSHD electric bike conversion kit is a robust system, boasting a remarkable 1000 watts of power and delivering up to 160 Nm of torque. Designed to be the premier choice for modern electric mountain bikes (eMTBs), this kit consistently offers top-notch performance, making it ideal for both casual riders and serious enthusiasts.

  • Bafang M820
  • bafang m820

    Weighing only 2.3 kg, the latest M820 motor impresses with an amazing 250W rated power and 75Nm (max effective torque) with max cadence support of 120 rpm. Thanks to the finely tuned torque sensor, this Bafang mid drive motor is able to offer the perfect amount of power according to the fineness of your pedaling technique.

  • Bafang M800
  • bafang m800

    Revealed at the Shanghai Cycle Show in China, the all-new M800 was presented alongside the M420, a more efficient version of the M400 motor. The lightweight and efficient design of the Bafang M800 motor is perfect to enjoy even longer rides with its maximum torque of 55 Nm. Despite its minimalist design (<2.3 kg), the motor will support riders on road or gravel bikes, regardless of the 25 km/h speed limit. The motor is powered by a 200W battery that provides between 50 and 150 km of range depending on the level of assistance chosen.

  • Bafang M600
  • bafang m600

    The M600 motor from Bafang is an exciting option for those looking to upgrade to an eMTB. It has a 500 watt rating and produces 120Nm of torque, making it perfect for those who want a quick and responsive ride. Additionally, it only weighs 3.9kg and comes with a triple sensor system that makes it extremely accurate.

  • Bafang M625
  • bafang m625

    The Bafang M625 is a high-powered mid-drive motor that is perfect for mountain biking and other off-road activities. With a max power of 1000 watts and a top speed of 50 km/h, this motor will give you the power and speed you need to conquer any terrain. The M625 also features a built-in LCD Bafang display that shows your current speed, battery level, and other important information.

  • Bafang M620
  • bafang m620

    With maximum torque of 160Nm and 750 or even 1000W power output, this M620 is perfect for getting even heavy loads accelerated inclines. Thanks to its dual sensor design, you enjoy full control throughout and sensitive response at all times. Often seen with logistics companies around the world. The M620 motor is great for electric tandems, electric transport bikes and high-end electric mountain bikes because it will climbs any incline with ease.

  • Bafang M615
  • bafang m615

    This powerful, versatile mid-drive system is a seamless upgrade for bikes like the eSpeed and eCargo. The rated power of 750 or 1000W with maximum torque of 160Nm is compatible with frames widths of 68-120 mm. This makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of cyclists, from those who are looking to upgrade their existing bike to those who are looking for a new bike that offers more power and versatility.

  • Bafang M510
  • bafang m510

    The M510 motor is a new and upgraded power system for electric mountain bikes. Compared to the last generation, this 250W motor has a maximum torque of 95Nm and maintains a 20% increase in maximal performance despite its lightweight of 3kg. Cadence is also increased to 120RPM making it easier for riders to keep up with the motor’s power.

  • Bafang M500
  • bafang m510

    You can’t get a better trail partner than M500. The high-performance system ensures consistent, powerful and efficient power output with 95 Nm of torque. Two speed sensors and a torque sensor make sure when you’re riding your favorite single trail, you’ll have plenty of energy to do it one or two more times.

  • Bafang M445
  • bafang m445

    Whatever the conditions, the M445 mid drive motor is ready for anything. It has everything you need to power your electric bike, such as a rated power of 250 W and a torque of 50 Nm. And thanks to its integrated drive shaft, it’s virtually maintenance-free and very durable.

  • Bafang M420
  • bafang m420

    The Bafang M420’s 250-watt drive system is a consistent performer. It helps get up to the legal speed limit of 25kph, and has plenty of power to climb hills. The sensitive throttle controls make for a seamless ride experience, and it has 80Nm of torque for a stronger push from start to stop. This makes the M420 an ideal choice for those who want a reliable and powerful ebike that can handle any terrain.

  • Bafang M410
  • bafang m410

    The Bafang M410 mid-motor from Bafang is perfect for eMTBs. With 250W of power and 80Nm of torque, it offers strong support where you need it most. Whether you’re climbing a steep hill or tackling a tough section of trail, the M410 will give you the boost you need to keep going. And because it’s so efficient, you can ride for longer without running out of battery. So if you’re looking for an eMTB that can handle anything you throw at it, the M410 is the perfect choice.

  • Bafang M400
  • bafang m400

    The Bafang M400 mid-drive system is a lightweight, powerful, durable beast. Just try and tear it from your frame! When it comes to 250W rated power output, 80Nm of torque and 3.9kg in weight, no other drive system can match the M400’s performance for long rides. Thanks to our German engineering, you’ll rediscover your best touring memories.

  • Bafang M315
  • bafang m315
    This Bafang mid-drive system, boasting a maximum power output of 500W and a peak torque of 100Nm, is both lightweight and durable, making it an ideal choice for a variety of bikes including tricycles, touring bikes, and city bikes. Designed to be compatible with 68mm frame widths, the Bafang M315 offers a versatile fit for a wide range of bicycle models. The system’s robust construction ensures long-lasting performance, while its advanced technology provides smooth and efficient power delivery, elevating your riding experience to new heights.

  • Bafang M300
  • bafang m300

    The Bafang M300 mid-motor is a compact and powerful motor that is perfect for light touring and leisure eBikes. It weighs just 3.6kg and has a rated power output of 250W. The motor also has a max. torque of 80Nm, making it perfectly suited for light touring and leisure eBikes. The M300 is a great choice for those looking for an economical and powerful motor.

  • Bafang M215
  • bafang m215
    Bafang’s latest innovation, the Bafang M215, is a powerful and cost-effective ebike motor that offers 250 watts of rated power and a maximum torque of 80Nm. Designed to be the perfect addition to your e-bike, this motor is compatible with 68mm frames and is incredibly easy to install. Once in place, it transforms your riding experience, making it smoother and more efficient than ever before. Its user-friendly interface and advanced technology ensure that you have optimal control over your ride, allowing you to tackle any terrain with ease.

  • Bafang M215
  • bafang m200
    The Bafang M200 stands out as a compact and lightweight mid-motor that doesn’t compromise on power. With a rated power output of 250W and a maximum torque of 65Nm, this motor is ideally tailored for entry-level eCity bikes, offering a balanced blend of performance and efficiency. Weighing in at just 3.2 kg, it’s not only easy to handle but also ranks as one of the most economical engines available on the market today. Its lightweight design makes it particularly appealing for urban commuters who require easy maneuverability.

    Bafang Rear Hub Motor Review (HR Series)

    bafang rear hub motor review

    A rear hub motor is a type of electric bike motor that is mounted on the rear wheel. This type of motor is becoming increasingly popular as it offers a number of advantages over other types of electric bicycle motors. Rear-wheel hub motors provide better traction than front-wheel hub motors because more weight is distributed at the rear of the bike. They’re also quieter than a mid-drive motor and work as soon as you start riding.

    ModelPowerCouple (Max.)Weight
    H700250W40 Nm3.2 kg
    H6401000W90 Nm5.5 kg
    H630500W50 Nm4.1 kg
    H620350W60 Nm4.2 kg
    H610500W65 Nm4.5 kg
    H600250W30 Nm2 kg
    H5501000W85 Nm4.1 kg
    H510220W28 Nm2.4 kg
    H500W1000W80 Nm10 kg
    H500500W80 Nm4.1 kg
    H400B350W45 Nm3.3 kg
    H400250W30 Nm3 kg
    H300250W32 Nm3 kg
    • Bafang H700

    Sometimes you need a little extra power while riding. The H700 offers electric power with an automatic dual-speed system that adjusts the ratio according to the cycling speeds. It comes in at 250W, which meets legal requirements, and it’s still powerful enough to ensure performance for everyday commuting or recreational use.

    • Bafang H640

    eMTB bikes that use the H640 motor can rely on 1000W of powerful, energy-efficient support. The motor also delivers 90Nm of torque and is compatible with disc brakes and 7- to 11-speed cassettes.

    • Bafang H630

    The H630 rear drive motor is powerful and efficient for eMTB and eTouring bikes. It features 350 or 500W power, along with 50Nm torque to offer strong support where needed. The motor is compatible with disc brakes, including 7- to 11-speed cassettes.

    • Bafang H620

    The H620 rear drive motor is capable of providing 350W of reliable power and 60Nm torque to offer strong support where needed. It also works in conjunction with disc brakes and 7- to 11-speed cassettes

    • Bafang H610

    One of the best features of electric mountain bikes is the ability to pedal up challenging terrain, and have it powered for you when your strength runs out. With our H610 rear drive motor, you’ll get 350 or 500W dependable power with 65Nm torque. It’s compatible with freewheels and disc brakes.

    • Bafang H600

    When you want a bike that’s small, light and powerful–this is the one for you. Our rear-drive motor is quiet, smooth and efficient. It can be used for both eRoads and eCities with disc brakes, in case your commute or city travels are all about fitness. The power output is 250 watts and it also has a max torque of 30Nm.

    • Bafang H550

    The H550 rear end drive motors is powerful and efficient. Compatible with disc brakes, these motors are the perfect fit for heavy-duty cargo bikes or Fat bikes. Bafang H550 rear drive motor is versatile and powerful, with 750-1000W of dependable power and 85Nm of torque. It’s compatible with disc brakes and will work with 175mm frames.

    • Bafang H510

    The H510 drive system is great for eCity bikes. It’s light in weight, smooth and quiet running, and powerful too! The motor can generate up to 28Nm of max. torque and 220W of rated power output. It also works with disc brakes, so you can stop fast and confidently.

    • Bafang H500W

    An eMTB (e-Mountain Bike) or an eCity bike can rely on the H500W rear drive motor for powerful and efficient power, with 500, 750, or 1000W of power and 80Nm torque.

    • Bafang H500

    For some bikes, you don’t need a motorized system. The H500 rear drive motor can be paired with 250, 350, or 500W power and delivers 80Nm torque for added stability and support where needed. Compatible with disc brakes as well as frames up to 175mm.

    • Bafang H400B

    The 250W or 350W, 45Nm rated motor improves rider comfort by providing reliable support to the rear wheel. It is suitable for e-City and eTour bikes with freewheels and disc brakes.

    • Bafang H400

    The Bafang H400 rear-drive motor is a great option for those looking for a comfortable biking experience. It offers 250W of power and 30 Nm of torque and works with 7 to 11 speed cassettes and disc brakes. This makes it a great choice for those who want a reliable and comfortable bike.


    Bafang Front hub motor Review (HF Series)

    bafang front hub motor review

    A front wheel motor is a type of electric bicycle motor that is mounted on the front wheel. These motors are lighter and cheaper than most other types of motors, but they are also less powerful. Motors on the front wheel are not as powerful as motors on the rear wheel, but they can still give you a good boost when you are going uphill or into the wind. If you are looking for a cheap, lightweight electric bike motor for the city, then a front drive motor is a great option.

    ModelPowerCouple (Max.)Weight
    H600250W30 Nm1.7 kg
    H420350W45 Nm3.4 kg
    H410220W28 Nm2 kg
    H400B250W45 Nm3.3 kg
    H400250W45 Nm2.3 kg
    • Bafang H600

    This Bafang HF600 motor with 250W and 30Nm is ideal for small urban electric bikes. This front drive motor can work with disc brakes and meets certification requirements. It is lightweight, making it a great option for bikes that need to be light on city streets.

    • Bafang H420

    This front drive motor is slim and lightweight, making the H420 ideal for city bikes. It has plenty of torque to get through tough situations and an overall power rating of 350w with a max torque of 45Nm. It will run smooth and quiet, too.

    • Bafang H410

    The Bafang H410 motor is a must-have for the eCity bike. It’s small, lightweight, energy efficient and quiet. Plus, it has a max. torque of 28 Nm and a rated power output of 220W. Compatible with disc brakes, this motor provides the perfect amount of power and torque for an enjoyable and safe ride.

    • Bafang H400B

    The Bafang H400B is a great option for eCity bikes. It features a max. torque of 45 Nm and 250W of rated power, while also being compatible with disc brakes. This makes it a very efficient and powerful system that is perfect for city riding.

    • Bafang H400

    This small front hub motor is light and easy to install. It’s located on the front wheel and is compatible with both disc and V-brakes. The max torque for this motor is 45 Nm, meaning it can provide up to 250 W of power.

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